Monday, November 11, 2013


55555 I love typing in thai.

1. that 5 thing is a thai thing, it's how they write hahahaha :)

2. Thailand is hilarious. The people are hilarious. My companions are hilarious. Only problem. I'm not hilarious....:(

3. เเสม is getting married today!!! So he can get baptized on sunday. :) You have no idea how happy I am about that.

4. Yesterday was awesome. I had the wonderful opportunity of being the pianist for sacrament meeting for the first time.

5. Also yesterday we asked one of our investigators during church where his grandma went. He said she went outside to go sleep. We found her on the sidewalk outside the church on a mat with an umbrella sleeping... hahaha  ซ จัน had just decided that she was tired and was going to go sleep. We told her that she only had to come for two hours, then she could sleep for the rest of the day. 

6. On Thursday we had a zone training. I guess this new way of inviting is the new way of the mission. That is what the entire mission leadership conference was about. Baptism. We've also started hearing that other missions are starting to do this too. Also we're starting by teaching the commandments so people can get their concerns out of the way earlier and develop faith through seeing the blessings that come from keeping the commandments. Brilliant!

President says this is the hastening of the work in it's time.

7. This new baptizing focus is beautiful. We had five baptisms in Udon on Saturday. That is almost unheard of for Thailand! And on friday, after doing our inviting, or what we call sifting, finding those who are prepared for the gospel, we were biking back to the church and pulled up to this random guy walking. We started talking to him. Turns out he is Christian, but was wearing พระ on a necklace, (พระ is basically Buddhist idol worship. I really don't know how else to explain it.) He told us he had had a vision, where a light came down from heaven on his head. I don't know exactly what he saw or experienced or what, but we told him that he had been prepared by God to receive our message. He didn't have a phone number, and we didn't want to lose this guy, ( Oh, and he wanted to get baptized) so we walked back to his house with him to find out where it is. On the way we taught the word of wisdom. We ate dinner with him at his restaurant so we could talk with him more. Turns out he has a book of mormon too...

 Who is this guy?!!!

We invited him to the baptism the next morning and picked him up. We taught him a more in depth lesson on the word of wisdom after that. Then on sunday morning we went and picked him up to come to church. He looked so good!!! We had only met him 36 hours earlier but he had shaved, cleaned up a ton, had been keeping the word of wisdom and just..... looked better. He kind of looked like a thug before but now he looked... I can't think of any other word than good right now. So cool to see the gospel already changing a man. We have a date set up for the 24th of november for him.

He loved church and we're gonna meet with him again today and teach him some more commandments.

8. There was an emergency transfer, so in a strange mix of splits and transfers, Elder Batey ended up sleeping over at our house! So great to see him. And Elder Adams who moved into our zone but went up to Nong Khai met a guy while traveling who lives in Udon and wants to get baptized. We met with him on Saturday and taught him the word of wisdom too. He's gonna keep it and he is really excited to get baptized. We showed him the font and how special baptism is. :) We're going to meet with him again on wednesday.

9. We were inviting at an outdoor mall. I was talking to this group of people when this guy, wearing a uniform, but not really a security guard, came up to me and starting telling me basically that I can't do that here. I honestly didn't understand what he was saying but I could tell what he was telling me. Maybe the gift of interpretation of tongues or something. :)    I told him I couldn't understand him, and he changed his sentence a couple times until I at last recognized exactly what he was telling me. He told me to go do what I'm doing somewhere else. So I invited him to be baptized. Sadly he didn't want to though. I wonder why? :) 5555555

10. I ate chicken intestine yesterday.

11. We gave another blessing at the hospital on friday.

12. On tuesday Elder Wilko interviewed tons of people for baptism, so I got to sit in the hall for hours. But I did make good use of that time! I memorized the entire first vision in thai for the first time. Including how to write it.
ข้าพเจ้าเห็นลำแสงอยู่เหนือรืสษาข้าพเจ้าพอดี เหนือ .... Oh.... well, I was going to write it, but it takes like ten times longer to type it than to write it. Maybe another time. 555555

 - Elder Christopher James Osborn

เอ็ลเดอร์ คริสโตเฟอร์ เจมส์ ออสบอร์น

PS. I'm starting Alma 14 tomorrow.  If you're reading with me.

This is us with brother wasana. He's hilarious. 

And this is the drawing of the plan of salvation that elder wilko and i drew while we were brainstorming how to teach it to the entire english class. I think this is best way possible to teach a whole bunch of buddhist people about it. JK. We taught it way better than this, but it was funny either way.

Sorry there aren't more pictures. Give me some Ideas!! Plus I'm not allowed to take pictures of religious things, so all of the legit buddhist stuff I can't sent cool pics to you.... But please give me some ideas! 

Love, Elder Osborn

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