Monday, February 24, 2014


This week was transfers. And a very special transfers at that. President Senior got permission from someone, I don't know, but if I remember correctly it was Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and opened the country of Myanmar/Burma to first companionship of missionaries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Now the Thailand Bankok Mission can actually serve in all three countries that are in it's boundaries. Laos, Thailand, AND Myanmar!!! The Lord's work is truly hastening and spreading to all corners of the Earth. It isn't that often that a new country is opened to the missionaries! Why? Because we're almost everywhere! 
The only thing, the companionship in Myanmar isn't a proselyting companionship, just the same as Laos. They are there to strengthen the members in the country and serve and open the path for proselyting missionaries in the future. Way cool and exciting.

In the same transfers meeting I left my first area. That was hard, because I loved Udon with all my heart and we were about to get 3 baptisms on Sunday. In the meeting I was assigned to be companions with Elder Winsor! This kid is a boss. He is only 4 months ahead of me in the mission, but he is a boss. We are serving in the area of Srinakarin. (I actually don't know how to spell it... :/  )

In the East Bangkok Zone, whose new zone leader is Elder Wilko!! Only a few months ago this area was only sisters. Now it is only 4 Elders. Plus it is in the only Stake in Thailand so we have a ward!!!! The other two Elders in the house/area are Elder Lucas and Elder Pyne. We're already having a blast! 

Finally got moved to the Tabe. (The Thai word for Bangkok is Grungtaeb, spelled something like that, I can't spell thai words in English, but "The Taeb is the slang word we use for Bangkok. And I think it's easier to read if I spell it Tabe)

Haha, just remembered. When they announced that Elder Winsor and Elder Osborn were together and we went to give each other a hug, President Senior warned us something like this... "Don't get too comfortable." What?! What is that supposed to mean? President Senior would do that to me.

The members found out I played the piano..... and the secret is already out! So I had to play the piano for ward conference and the baptism. During the baptism I switched the setting to organ for the closing hymn, but I had accidentally bumped the volume pedal, so when I played the first chord to "Let the Holy Spirit Guide" the organ blasted everyone's ears out! hahahaha woops.

Oh. Speaking of baptism. Elder Winsor had set up the area for two baptisms yesterday! See what I mean by he's a boss? Sister Cartoon and Sister Mamijang got baptized! They're sisters (well of course they're sisters, we call everyone sister, but they are sister sisters, as in they are siblings. haha) and they are so awesome. 

Yesterday one of our recent converts brought a friend to church. He seemed to be way confused and had to leave before we could teach him. When we taught her a lesson and asked about what her friend thought about church, we were pretty worried because she said he was confused and didn't really know anyone or anything. We were scared that he'd be afraid to come back to church. 

Just barely just before we left the house to come here we got a call from Sister Na, the recent convert. She told us that her friend Go had a great experience at church and really loved a video he watched in the investigator sunday school class about the atonement. She told us he wants to learn more today at seven. !!!! When Elder Winsor hung up the phone and told us what happened I literally jumped for joy and fist pumped the air. We're meeting them today and he can get baptized this Sunday! So so so happy. 

We pray for miracles everyday, and you just have to be patient and trust that they will come. Then they do. They always come. 

Elder Osborn

Baptism! I love this ward. Everyone is so great.

Monday, February 17, 2014


Question: What happens when you put four 18 to 21-year-olds in the same house?

Answer: Baptisms

This week seemed so slow.... Maybe it was because all of our investigators are out of town. Thai people love their families. So they travel back home at least once a week. For 2 or more days every time. Sometimes I feel like they are at home with their families more than they are in their current city working or going to school. So yes. Two different investigators went to Bangkok this week. And two went home for the weekend. So... We only had one investigator at church. That was rough. Balanced streak. Over. This guy's name is Tap. He is a boss!!! He goes to school over at the college right next to the church. He is learning to be an english teacher so his english is amazing!! One evening I am sitting in my chair in the hallway while Elder Wilko is interviewing for baptism again and the Sisters ask me if we have an investigator supposed to be there. We always have appointments at the church so I asked his name and looked through my book for his name. Don't have it. I said it was probably the other Elders. A couple minutes later they come back and say he wasn't theirs either. Who is this guy? Elder Hunsaker sits in the chair for a minute while I go investigate. I walk into the room and this guy says in perfect english, "It was you!" Okay, I guess he's our investigator. haha.

Split: I'm teaching with Elder Cahoon and this guy says that he's always seen us over at the college but has just avoided us. He told us he felt bad after ignoring me again yesterday so he came to the church.

Fast forward. This guy is at the church 30 minutes early for sacrament meeting. He stays for the baptism, and we teach him a lesson after too. He loved it! We're meeting with him again at six today. He was at the church for 6 hours!! What a champ! 

Haha I feel like we didn't get enough new investigators this week.... We got nine. But we always want to get more. If we can get 10 a week we will baptize people every week. That is cool.

The past three days they have had a huge music festival at the lake. So we went contacting there! Everyone was moving quickly and it was definitely not quiet, so we went with the simple contact, "Do you want to wash your sins away?" This is the easiest phrase to use to invite someone to be baptized because in thai it only uses 5 sylabbles. Way fast! I'm pretty sure I invited over 200 people to be baptized yesterday.

On friday we went up to Nong Khai to sing for a wheelchair donation ceremony. They always love to make huge deals out of everything. The Church donated 40 wheelchairs up there and so 40 disabled people made their way to this building where we were to donate these wheelchairs. They never showed up! The truck with the wheelchairs left bangkok yesterday but never made it to Nong Khai. So all of the speeches went along this line, "We are so grateful you all came today. We know you expect to ride your brand new wheelchair home today, but we apologize because you don't have one to ride home. We'll get them to you when they get here."

It was so sad that 40 disabled people came expecting to get a new wheelchair but went home without one. Oh the irony.

We went up to a famous statue garden in Nong Khai last p-day too! Way cool! Everything was massive and really interesting.

I found an inactive member yesterday. He was telling me how he wasn't ready to go to church. Then he told me how we wasn't going to be ready until he went to church. Not to be rude, but that is stupid. So I told him it was. He said I spoke too boldly and too straight to the point, then he started correcting my thai by telling me I didn't use the correct words, but he couldn't actually give me an example of my bad Thai. He asked me how long I've been in the mission. I said it didn't matter. He asked if I was a greenie. I said it didn't matter. He asked me how old I am. I said 18 as I looked him in the eyes. He looked away and said, trying to one me up, that he is in his 40s and has been a member for over 20 years. I told him to look me in the eyes and I said, " But you still don't understand. Do you remember the gospel of Christ? Faith, Repentance, Baptism, the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end.? Do you remember?" I told him that right now he is failing to endure to the end. I told him that if he doesn't endure to the end, he does not have the Holy Ghost, his baptism meant nothing, his repentance wasn't real, and his faith does not exist. He was silent. I told him I wasn't impressed. I told him his family - who are all great members - are disappointed and sad because of him. I told him he had no excuses to not go to church. He agreed. I told him to repent. He said he wasn't clean enough to go back to church but that he would repent at home. I told him he would never be clean until he went to church. 

I can't express my feelings about less active members. I just know that in the last day it's going to be very uncomfortable for them.

I know by this that unless a man shall endure to the end, in following the example of the Son of the living God, he CANNOT be saved.

I speak boldly because nothing else works. 

In more positive words there was much rejoicing because of 3 more souls coming unto Christ yesterday through following their Lord and Savior into the water. (wow, that was a really dramatic sentence! haha) Sister May decided that she wanted me to baptize her on Friday. But she was worried because I was sick. (i wasn't sick...) And since I would have felt really bad if I had faked and said I wasn't feeling well I ended up baptizing this girl. The other Elders just let it go because they thought it was hilarious. those punks...

I started a video journal because I can say things much faster than I can write them, plus there is a lot more emotion in it that I can't write effectively.

Transfers are this week, so I don't know if I'll leave this area or not. I've been here for 4 months so it's pretty likely I'll leave. But whatever happens I'll leave tons of daters for the next Elder.

Elder Wilko is still a boss. :)

Elder Osborn

Way cool statues!

 And they are huge!
 And some have very interesting details... Why does this giant statue have to be stepping on a baby one!?

"Hey you frog!!! Spit that out or I'll cut you!"

 These guys didn't want to get baptized, but they wanted to take a picture.


Monday, February 10, 2014


It is still February...

And hotter than last week. 

Not too much to say for this week. We have an investigator who just doesn't like to believe, but he loves the feeling he gets when he comes to the church. So we watched the "Lord, I Believe" talk with him. Afterwards, almost with tears in my eyes I asked him how he felt as he watched Elder Holland's talk. He said that he felt like he just had to try really hard to understand... Oh dear. That wasn't what I was getting at! We cleared it up and he said that he wanted to know the rest of the commandments before he will believe. What a strange request? Elder Wilko and I looked at each other with that look of "he asked for it" and decided through some form of telepathy that we would give him every single commandment right then and there. We said okay. He then told us he only had 7 minutes before he had to go.... Fine. We gave him the Law of Chastity. 

He went to Bangkok today so we're gonna give him the rest of the commandments over phone lessons until he gets back.

We got seven new investigators this week. The numbers here are 10 to 1 baptism. and three numbers for an appointment to an actual first lesson. So if we just do the math, we need to get 90 return appointments from our contacting in a month to be able to get our goal for 3 baptisms a month. I love math. Than we usually have to invite about 20+ people to be baptized to get a return appointment. So we need to invite at least 60 people a day to be baptized. We definitely invite over 60 people a day to be baptized. :)

The biggest excuse for not getting baptized we get right now is, "I'm Buddhist." We explain that everybody can get baptized and it usually takes them by surprise. Most of them think only Christian people can get baptized. When we tell them that every Christian person has been baptized before it is almost shocking to them. It is a special mission when I don't really know what to say when somebody says they've been baptized already. I usually just ask them if they have a prophet and apostles and they say no and I tell them we have them and they are also shocked. Then I invite them to be baptized in our church.

We have these two investigators. A young couple. They're way great and their baptismal date is this Sunday.

What a fun week!

Random things!
1. We found 10 Muslim missionaries!
2. Thai people can not say "squirrel" or "owl".
3. Still no pirates... :(
4. ahhhh. I'm out.

Elder Osborn

Still balanced!

This is what lunch looks like. Coconut soup and phone calls.

On monday we went to an ultra buffet! I felt like I was going to explode!

Monday, February 3, 2014


And now it is February...

And Super HOT!!! Cold spell is gone and Thailand is moving into the hot season. They don't even call it anything likesummer. It literally translates to "the season that is hot". 

I start with that because I don't really have a ton to say this week. The days are starting to blend together and run faster now that I've caught on to things. We invite hundreds of people to be baptized everyday and we teach lots of first lessons. We teach lots of second lessons too.

I spent a lot of time sitting in the hallway while Elder Wilko interviewed all of these people who are getting baptized. And sometimes I'll teach first lessons while I'm in the hall. The best one this week was this kid I contacted the night before. 

Here's what happened:

We were standing if front of seven and I saw this guy trying to start his motorcycle. It wasn't starting. I stared at him. It continued to not start. He kick started it once, twice, three times, a fourth time, he just kept going and this motorcycle wouldn't start! I thought, "If I go talk to this guy and he gets baptized, that is going to be the coolest thing that has ever happened." So I ran up to the guy and asked him if he wanted to get baptized. He said yes. 

Fast forward 20 hours.

I'm sitting in the hall and here comes this guy for our appointment. Usually we teach prayer, then introduce the Book of Mormon, then teach them the Word of Wisdom. I grabbed brother sam as I needed a companion to teach this lesson. I asked him why he wants to be baptized. 

"Because I want to ล้างบาป. (wash my sins away)"

I explained. "To get baptized to have to keep the commandments, I can't teach all of them today but today I'll teach three." I taught the word of wisdom first. haha then the book of mormon, then prayer. It was really cool. He just absorbed everything up. So I taught him the Sabbath day too. Still no problems. He told me he was Hindu and had made a covenant with a God... he was worried that if he got baptized he would be breaking his covenant. But he really wants to get baptized. Then he was scared to pray because he thought it was breaking his covenant too. We explained that prayer is not an ordinance or a ceremony or anything, just prayer. We don't think his covenant will be a problem. Once he realizes that God is real we won't have to worry about it anymore.

I really like running up to people who are smoking and ask them why they smoke. They usually say they're stressed or addicted. I tell them they should stop. They say they can. I doubt them, and tell them to throw away the cigarette they are currently smoking. They do. I tell them to not smoke again. They agree. I make them promise. They promise. Then I invite them to be baptized.

As for today that is all!

Elder Osborn

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