Monday, February 3, 2014


And now it is February...

And Super HOT!!! Cold spell is gone and Thailand is moving into the hot season. They don't even call it anything likesummer. It literally translates to "the season that is hot". 

I start with that because I don't really have a ton to say this week. The days are starting to blend together and run faster now that I've caught on to things. We invite hundreds of people to be baptized everyday and we teach lots of first lessons. We teach lots of second lessons too.

I spent a lot of time sitting in the hallway while Elder Wilko interviewed all of these people who are getting baptized. And sometimes I'll teach first lessons while I'm in the hall. The best one this week was this kid I contacted the night before. 

Here's what happened:

We were standing if front of seven and I saw this guy trying to start his motorcycle. It wasn't starting. I stared at him. It continued to not start. He kick started it once, twice, three times, a fourth time, he just kept going and this motorcycle wouldn't start! I thought, "If I go talk to this guy and he gets baptized, that is going to be the coolest thing that has ever happened." So I ran up to the guy and asked him if he wanted to get baptized. He said yes. 

Fast forward 20 hours.

I'm sitting in the hall and here comes this guy for our appointment. Usually we teach prayer, then introduce the Book of Mormon, then teach them the Word of Wisdom. I grabbed brother sam as I needed a companion to teach this lesson. I asked him why he wants to be baptized. 

"Because I want to ล้างบาป. (wash my sins away)"

I explained. "To get baptized to have to keep the commandments, I can't teach all of them today but today I'll teach three." I taught the word of wisdom first. haha then the book of mormon, then prayer. It was really cool. He just absorbed everything up. So I taught him the Sabbath day too. Still no problems. He told me he was Hindu and had made a covenant with a God... he was worried that if he got baptized he would be breaking his covenant. But he really wants to get baptized. Then he was scared to pray because he thought it was breaking his covenant too. We explained that prayer is not an ordinance or a ceremony or anything, just prayer. We don't think his covenant will be a problem. Once he realizes that God is real we won't have to worry about it anymore.

I really like running up to people who are smoking and ask them why they smoke. They usually say they're stressed or addicted. I tell them they should stop. They say they can. I doubt them, and tell them to throw away the cigarette they are currently smoking. They do. I tell them to not smoke again. They agree. I make them promise. They promise. Then I invite them to be baptized.

As for today that is all!

Elder Osborn

เอ็ลเดอร์ ออสบอร์น

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