Monday, January 27, 2014


I honestly don't know what to say. I think I'll make a list this week!

My list of things that happened this week:

1. We baptized Brother O. He's a boss. He's the author who knows about my blog! So Brother O! If you're reading this you're the best! haha

2. That investigator who came to church for the first time last week. After we tried to set up an appointment and she said she didn't want any of "this" and only wanted to learn English. We told her that "this" will continue after death, but English will simply pass. We just counted her as gone. Yesterday we found her in sacrament meeting. She came back by herself! She stayed for the baptism and after asked us to teach her how to pray. She has a date for next Sunday. :)

3. I found this other dude in front of seven. He reminds me so much of Jack... He talks the same way, smiles the same way, everything. He's a boss and I'm not letting this guy get taken away from me too. We had our first lesson with him 4 hours after we met him. We taught the word of wisdom, law of chastity, sabbath day, book of mormon, and prayer in the first lesson and he's getting baptized on the 9th. :)

4. I ran into another white guy! This one has read way to much antimormon material.... Pretty much his entire family is LDS but he is just way caught up on some stupid things in the history of the church.(I can tell you more about him if you want... but until next week refer to Elder wilko's email if you want to learn more!) He told us that we get rejected so much here because everyone knows who we are and that our church is a "fraud". Bahaha sorry bro, 95% rejection is true, but it isn't because everyone here thinks we're a fraud, it's because we just walk around and ask people to get baptized. So basically this guy was a way fascinating character. His grandchildren have all served missions and he is simply the confused soul of the family.

5. I didn't find any pirates. เสียใจ

6. I sat in the hall for way too long this week while elder wilko interviewed people.

7. Some random dude pulled me over at a red light on his motorcycle. He went on about how we wants to wash his sins away and has 50 friends he's going to bring to church the next day. We met with him, he wasn't drunk, and the next day when we called him he was drunk! I called him yesterday morning to remind him about church. He said he wasn't feeling well. "Why?" "I got in an accident last night and I'm in the hospital." My friends. Keep the work of wisdom. Drinking is stupid.

8. Last night I talked to this guy. Here is our conversation. (this starts with me) 
"can you speak thai?" 
"yes, I can speak thai. I am thai." 
I notice he has a cross hanging from his pierced ear. "Are you christian?" 
"really? What's that?" 
"OOOOH... I like Jesus" 
"Really? I like Jesus too!" I pull off my tag and show it to him,  "I am a representative of Christ. Why do you like Jesus?" 
"cause He taught us to be good." 
"do you know what baptism is?" 
I pull out a picture of christ getting baptized. "this is baptism, have you ever been baptized?"
"OOH! I know what that is."
"Christ taught us that we can be wash our sins away, and baptism is an ordinance that lets us wash our sins away."
"I'm interested. Can I have your number?"
"we will have a baptism on the 9th of february. Will you get baptized on that day?"
We exchange numbers and I set up an appointment.
"I will help you prepare to be baptized. Do you have any questions?"
"I don't think so..."
"I'll see you on tuesday"

9. We found a bunch of toy army men at seven and bought them. Now we have wars all over our house in the evening. 

10. We also have nerf guns. We have combined both and made an ultra battle game.

11. Elder Hunsaker likes to surprise me. So sometimes I'll walk into the room and he is standing there and just shoots me in the face with the nerf gun. You can just imagine what happens with four 18-21 year olds in one house and nerf guns.

12. One time he extra surprised me. In the morning he told me he would put cheese on my face that day. That evening he shot me in the face while we were planning. He had put easecheeze on the end of the nerf gun... hahaha So he did get cheese on my face that day.

13. A couple nights ago we found a rat in our house. At 10:25. The next 30 minutes was spent trying to catch this thing. Elder Hunsaker was terrified and so Elder Wilko and I were the men that caught it. At one point the rat was on the dresser and we thought it was behind it. So Elder Wilko started shaking the dresser and next thing we know it was flying through the air towards him and bounced off his shoulder. 

Well... I'm out of stories for today!

Elder Osborn
เอ็ลเดอร์ ออสฃอร์น

 I kind of already explained this... haha


 This is Brother O!

 Baptism yesterday!

I don't really know how to explain this picture, but I like it.

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