Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Happy Christmas Elder! And an early New Year!

Why do I say that? Because we have to be back at our house right after english class tomorrow, which ends at 8. So we will either pretend it's new year at 8, or at 6:30 in the morning when we wake up! hahaha. 

Thailand is the best. Speaking of thailand being the best. The work continues to explode. I pray for miracles over 15 times a day. So does the rest of the mission. The members and the missionaries fast for miracles and more people being led into the church.

And we are seeing the results. Elder Wilko and I, this morning, made a list of all of our investigators that have baptismal dates for next month. Guess how many? 16 names. We are doing the work in such a way that the only people we find and teach are those who want to get baptized. And the only ones we continue to teach are those willing to keep the commandments. It's simple. But if everything goes through, Elder Wilko and I will have 16 baptisms in January. hahah But that doesn't happen. Usually it's about 25 percent of anything here that goes through. So we expect to have 3 or 4. But what's even cooler, is we can pick up a new investigator and have them a date off the contact and have them prepared for baptism in less than a week. Most of these 16 people we've met this week. And this week has been the worst week yet for contacting. Thai people go crazy for new years and it basically lasts three weeks and everyone goes home. So half of the shops are closed for the next week.

So now onto the funny weird stuff that happened...

For the christmas program, they had all the missionaries stand in front of the thai members. We're usually about a foot taller than them. hahaha

For the christmas program, we looked like Jedi. Way sick. I looked like a pharisee though.

Brother tong prayed to the virgin mary on sunday...... oh dear.

Elder wilko fell asleep during a combined meeting/continued sacrament meeting for the fifth sunday. the teacher called on him and asked him to come up. Elder Wilko explained the story of paul perfectly. It's amazing how the only two people who actually know what is going on in the meetings are the two who are sitting in the back half asleep, half studying.

bahaha I thought of a really funny story, then realized it actually wouldn't be funny just reading it.... 

... hmmmmm I can't think of much else to say. weeks are blending together...

I should probably start writing down awesome things that happen right as they happen.

I also apologize for having no pictures this week. I have tons but I left my adapter at the house...

Well I'm off!

Love you!
Elder Osborn

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