Sunday, December 22, 2013


Hahahahahahahahaahahah. This morning we woke up to a huge rain storm. It isn't even rainy season! This never happens. But it was awesome. 

Speaking of weather, I heard that I-15 is closed between st george and Las Vegas!! That's crazy! Today, it's probably 65 degrees because of this freak rain and as we were biking to this internet cafe everyone we saw was wearing winter coats and just bundled up. The guy who owns this place is sitting in his chair with a towel over him for extra warmth too. hahaha I love thai people.

Yesterday I had my fourth baptism! Brother Focus! He's a champ. Way smart.

Sorry. I ranted. I wrote a whole bunch of stuff but decided that I don't want to bug everyone with my frustrations. So I erased it.  :)

In other words! with our new vests and my light on my bike, we look like cops. It's way cool.

So last monday at our favorite contacting spot I rode up to a guy and said hello. He thought I was a cop and was scared for a bit. Who knew that a week later he would be hanging out with all the members all day at church? He loved church, is getting along so well with the members, and is loving the lessons. It's possible he'll get baptized next week, but probably after christmas.

Sometimes I forget to look back at these little blessings and miracles. Because you can't see them in the moment, but when you look back you can see the Lord's hand in everything. Even halfway through my contact with this kid, I almost said goodbye cause he lives way far away where the church isn't there. I don't know why, but I asked him where he lives a second time. He said Udon. If I hadn't asked him where he lives twice so he would answer where he lives now, this boy would still be a normal 20 year old walking the streets in thailand. I'm really excited to be able to look back in years and see the effects of that simple question. And this is only one of the stories and experiences that I've seen myself. These things are constantly happening. And it's likely that most of the stories like this that I played a role in, I will never know about them. But not only am I laying seeds for a future servant, but I can see the promise right now, "the field is white ALREADY to harvest."

 4 baptisms in a transfer. This kind of work used to be unheard of in thailand. We are setting records everywhere over here in Thailand. 

The goal for november. 1 baptism per companion.
result: 110 baptisms in a month.

Goal for december: 1 baptism and a less active rescue for every companionship.
Result: We don't know yet, but we can see it happening.

Goal for January: 2 baptisms per companionship
Result: I don't know yet! But Elder Wilko and I are set up for over 5 baptisms in january.

I love thailand! The work is awesome! Transfers is this week! We'll see what happens!

Elder Osborn
เอ็ลเดอร์ ออสบอร์น

 Brother Fucus's baptism. I love this pic!

This is our porch/yard haha.

This is our map of Udorn and our Christmas decorations hahahaha

Our house!

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