Monday, December 2, 2013


Good morning!

Bahaha. It's morning here! Sometimes I forget I'm on the other side of the world and that it is always opposite.

I have also heard it's snowing... haha That's rough. Cause it's hot here. And I love it! The last few days have actually been pretty chilly. I think it got down to 70... haha.

Speaking of weather. The sun here is so pretty. I'm going to attach some pictures of a sunset over our favorite contacting place a couple days ago. And the duck is still there. :)

Okay. This letter is going to be all over the place and I'll apologize ahead of time. 

The Thai language is so cool! When ever I look at a sign, or read something in Thai, I forget that I can read these scribbles. Right now I read about a chapter every day in the Book of Mormon in Thai every day. (I actually started doing that just 3 days ago, but it's awesome.) I'll send a pic of the book of mormon cause it looks so cool! Not only is the written language super sweet, the spoken language is awesome too! Sometimes, I'll finish a lesson and think, "What if someone in my family was here for this lesson? What would they think? They wouldn't understand any of it! I can!" I don't mean to put anyone down but sometimes it just freaks me out that I can understand, speak, read, and kind of write Thai. Thai is just super cool and I am always so pumped every day to speak it and get better at it and learn more.

We had mission tour this Wednesday. It was fantastic! It was all about the Book of Mormon and how to use it with investigators and recent converts. This book is so powerful! Honestly, I have seen miracles born from a simple decision to read the book of mormon and pray. These two things are so easy and take so little time to do, but have eternal consequences. You can feel their effects immediately. I can testify of this from my own life and I've seen it work in too many people's lives to deny it. If anyone is struggling with anything. Just read the book of mormon, apply it to your life, and pray sincerely. This is the greatest piece of advice I could every give anybody.

Sorry I didn't tell more stories today. I can't really think of any specifically. But here's one!

A few day's ago I talked to this guy who was feeding fish. I told him all about how Christ opened the door to heaven but it is up to us do walk through it. Through baptism. He is christian already and he thought that because christ was baptized and paid for our sins we were good. He didn't seem super interested but definitely saw the need for him to get baptized. Two days later I ran into him again! We talked a bit and I invited him to church. I called him on Sunday morning, and before I could even say who I was he told me enthusiasticly, "I am coming to church at one o'clock FOR SURE!!"  Okay.  He came 40 minutes early, is friends with sister พร, and he's working on the Word of Wisdom. :) We teach the commandments first and it works so well. He took notes! The last person to take notes was Brother แสม. (He got the priesthood yesterday by the way) We're going to meet with him on wednesday. :) Way cool. He is the fourth person who I have gotten to meet with us at the church by myself. Elder Wilko is really good at letting me do stuff and this new contacting helps me so much too. Way neat. His name is ต๊ะ. 

I love you all!

Elder Osborn.

Oh, and I'll be reading Alma 30 tomorrow if you're still with me. :)


Beautiful sunset a couple days ago. That is our favorite contacting place, nong prajak. The duck is still there and that's a wat in the background.

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