Monday, February 10, 2014


It is still February...

And hotter than last week. 

Not too much to say for this week. We have an investigator who just doesn't like to believe, but he loves the feeling he gets when he comes to the church. So we watched the "Lord, I Believe" talk with him. Afterwards, almost with tears in my eyes I asked him how he felt as he watched Elder Holland's talk. He said that he felt like he just had to try really hard to understand... Oh dear. That wasn't what I was getting at! We cleared it up and he said that he wanted to know the rest of the commandments before he will believe. What a strange request? Elder Wilko and I looked at each other with that look of "he asked for it" and decided through some form of telepathy that we would give him every single commandment right then and there. We said okay. He then told us he only had 7 minutes before he had to go.... Fine. We gave him the Law of Chastity. 

He went to Bangkok today so we're gonna give him the rest of the commandments over phone lessons until he gets back.

We got seven new investigators this week. The numbers here are 10 to 1 baptism. and three numbers for an appointment to an actual first lesson. So if we just do the math, we need to get 90 return appointments from our contacting in a month to be able to get our goal for 3 baptisms a month. I love math. Than we usually have to invite about 20+ people to be baptized to get a return appointment. So we need to invite at least 60 people a day to be baptized. We definitely invite over 60 people a day to be baptized. :)

The biggest excuse for not getting baptized we get right now is, "I'm Buddhist." We explain that everybody can get baptized and it usually takes them by surprise. Most of them think only Christian people can get baptized. When we tell them that every Christian person has been baptized before it is almost shocking to them. It is a special mission when I don't really know what to say when somebody says they've been baptized already. I usually just ask them if they have a prophet and apostles and they say no and I tell them we have them and they are also shocked. Then I invite them to be baptized in our church.

We have these two investigators. A young couple. They're way great and their baptismal date is this Sunday.

What a fun week!

Random things!
1. We found 10 Muslim missionaries!
2. Thai people can not say "squirrel" or "owl".
3. Still no pirates... :(
4. ahhhh. I'm out.

Elder Osborn

Still balanced!

This is what lunch looks like. Coconut soup and phone calls.

On monday we went to an ultra buffet! I felt like I was going to explode!

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