Monday, February 24, 2014


This week was transfers. And a very special transfers at that. President Senior got permission from someone, I don't know, but if I remember correctly it was Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and opened the country of Myanmar/Burma to first companionship of missionaries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Now the Thailand Bankok Mission can actually serve in all three countries that are in it's boundaries. Laos, Thailand, AND Myanmar!!! The Lord's work is truly hastening and spreading to all corners of the Earth. It isn't that often that a new country is opened to the missionaries! Why? Because we're almost everywhere! 
The only thing, the companionship in Myanmar isn't a proselyting companionship, just the same as Laos. They are there to strengthen the members in the country and serve and open the path for proselyting missionaries in the future. Way cool and exciting.

In the same transfers meeting I left my first area. That was hard, because I loved Udon with all my heart and we were about to get 3 baptisms on Sunday. In the meeting I was assigned to be companions with Elder Winsor! This kid is a boss. He is only 4 months ahead of me in the mission, but he is a boss. We are serving in the area of Srinakarin. (I actually don't know how to spell it... :/  )

In the East Bangkok Zone, whose new zone leader is Elder Wilko!! Only a few months ago this area was only sisters. Now it is only 4 Elders. Plus it is in the only Stake in Thailand so we have a ward!!!! The other two Elders in the house/area are Elder Lucas and Elder Pyne. We're already having a blast! 

Finally got moved to the Tabe. (The Thai word for Bangkok is Grungtaeb, spelled something like that, I can't spell thai words in English, but "The Taeb is the slang word we use for Bangkok. And I think it's easier to read if I spell it Tabe)

Haha, just remembered. When they announced that Elder Winsor and Elder Osborn were together and we went to give each other a hug, President Senior warned us something like this... "Don't get too comfortable." What?! What is that supposed to mean? President Senior would do that to me.

The members found out I played the piano..... and the secret is already out! So I had to play the piano for ward conference and the baptism. During the baptism I switched the setting to organ for the closing hymn, but I had accidentally bumped the volume pedal, so when I played the first chord to "Let the Holy Spirit Guide" the organ blasted everyone's ears out! hahahaha woops.

Oh. Speaking of baptism. Elder Winsor had set up the area for two baptisms yesterday! See what I mean by he's a boss? Sister Cartoon and Sister Mamijang got baptized! They're sisters (well of course they're sisters, we call everyone sister, but they are sister sisters, as in they are siblings. haha) and they are so awesome. 

Yesterday one of our recent converts brought a friend to church. He seemed to be way confused and had to leave before we could teach him. When we taught her a lesson and asked about what her friend thought about church, we were pretty worried because she said he was confused and didn't really know anyone or anything. We were scared that he'd be afraid to come back to church. 

Just barely just before we left the house to come here we got a call from Sister Na, the recent convert. She told us that her friend Go had a great experience at church and really loved a video he watched in the investigator sunday school class about the atonement. She told us he wants to learn more today at seven. !!!! When Elder Winsor hung up the phone and told us what happened I literally jumped for joy and fist pumped the air. We're meeting them today and he can get baptized this Sunday! So so so happy. 

We pray for miracles everyday, and you just have to be patient and trust that they will come. Then they do. They always come. 

Elder Osborn

Baptism! I love this ward. Everyone is so great.

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