Monday, July 7, 2014


So, a correction of the numbers I shared last time. Our area is a lot bigger than I thought. It is an entire Jangwat. Which is basically a state. The city has about 75,000 - 95,000 people. But the Jangwat has about 3,000,000 people. So yes. 4 Elders and 3 million people. Welcome to the Thailand Bangkok Mission.

Last week I didn't mention my new house, which is huge! It is like 4 times as big as our last house. So by comparisin, total square feet; our house is about as big as the kitchen/family room at home. Crazy right! So that really shows how tiny my house in Bangkok was.

This week we had a zone training in the closest area to ours; 3 hours away. So we rode a bus there and back for a 1.5 hour training. Way fun, I usually don't carry around a copy of the Book of Mormon when I go anywhere that I can give out. Usually just baptism cards. But I - for some weird reason decided to bring an extra copy to read on the way there. On the way back I found a VERY prepared soul. By the time I was finished with him he had a couple reading assignments and had been referred to the Elders where he lives. He accepted a baptismal date on the bus and will be getting baptized next Sunday. Way cool!

Also, I have never had so many investigators. We've gotten a few of them into the daters pile and we've picked up some more too. Lots of referrals. Super fun.

Our house is hilarious. I am with Elder Jeng, Elder Tamang, and Elder Tanner. So much fun. We have the most hilarious evenings and mornings. Last night, Elder Tamang, who is one of those break-dancing dancer guys (way cool right!?) was showing us how to do handstands and Elder Tanner kept trying to do them. I - already knowing that I couldn't do them from an interesting experiment in my last area - just decided to watch. hahaha He was pretty frustrated that he couldn't figure out how to do it that he even was trying to do them during exercise this morning. Don't get me wrong, he made a lot of improvement. As for me, I'm still doing headstands against a wall. haha So I think Elder Tanner is further than me in actually doing a handstand.

Our miracle for this week was when one investigator who is a doctor and has a rough schedule decided he would quit coffee. He said for two days he felt like his head was going to explode. Then he prayed and asked for support and now there are no effects from his abstinence from coffee. He is planning to do the same with smoking.

Yesterday I got 8 appointments set up in one day. I think that's a new record!

Elder Osborn


This is us on a bus. On the way back from the training.

This is me eating delicious Japanese food.

This is me eating more delicious Thai food. This dish is supposedly the spiciest. Spicier than spicy papaya salad!

This is the door of the bus open as we flew down the highway. Open all three hours and a guy jumped on while it was moving during one part of the ride.

This was this crazy little cart that we rode back to the bus station. I have no idea how we all fit in that thing. It was like the little pod-racers you see around her, but it had a roof. I'll get a better picture of the pod-racers another day.

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