Monday, September 22, 2014


So... I moved! Back to the isaan! (which is the northeastern part of thailand) My new area is Sagonakon! It's even smaller than Pitsanulok. My new companion is Elder Evans. This is his first area, which means that I'm training!!!!!! 

That is a scary thing. I'm training. Which basically means that I have the responsibility of making sure that he has the best experience of his life here. While white washing. Into an area that has hardly any investigators. That's fine though. We've found a whole bunch of great potentials already.

Elder Evans is amazing. He is powerful. Loves the people, loves everything actually. 

He finds joy in the smallest things. Especially in little things that I forgot were even so amazing. Like the monsoon rains. It rained yesterday. I looked out the window thinking, "oh... my helmet's getting wet." He looked out the window saying, "Woah! Look it's raining!! I'm in Thailand and it's pouring! That's so cool."

I used to consider myself a positive person, but since we've been companions I've felt like I'm the pessimist. He has this energy, excitement, and strength in everything. Like right now just the way he is sending his email is so impressive! He really inspires me to do everything with that excitement.

Also, he can actually speak the language. A lot more than I could when I got off the plane. And he learns quick, every time I teach him something, whether it is a new word or phrase or just something work related, he uses it instantly and loves it. He learns so fast. I'm not training him, he's training me. I look at him and I see a future assistant to the President. I imagine the best missionary in our mission, and I can see him being the next one. So I'm going to do my best to help him become the best.

The entire experience is really bringing me back to when I first got in country. The fear, the apprehension, the excitement. It's all so fun!

As for the branch, Sagonakon is an amazing branch. I could feel the love they have for each other the first time we met together. There are a handful of members with various special needs. But everyone is always there to serve and bless them. They read for them, answer questions for them, and aid them in and out of meetings. It is an amazing thing to see. So much love in this branch.

Yesterday we found out of an activity that some missionaries did about five years ago. They would play sports on Saturday afternoons, and then after that they would go out and visit ALL members and give a lesson and invite them to church. The members said that they would have 120 people at church every Sunday! So that's what we're going to do. But we're going to make sure that it is member driven so it doesn't fade away after we move.

Love ya all!
Elder Osborn


Elder Evans and I with the branch President.

Hey! It's us again! On the way to get Elder Evans new bike!

And a really dramatic picture of his first bike ride. Isn't this area beautiful?

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