Monday, April 6, 2015


I am completely speechless right now. There is so much happening in Thailand right now that I can't even say the least of my thoughts or feelings.

This morning I woke up to 8 missed calls from the APs and a message, "THAILAND IS GETTING A TEMPLE!!!!!!!"
We had mission leadership council all morning. It was amazing to just talk about the effects of the temple announcement and what it will mean for us moving forward. I've never been super excited about the building of temples before, but since I've had to be away from one for so long and see the desire of the Thai saints to have a temple, the meaning has changed. I can already tell that this temple will mean a lot to me. I feel like my sweat and blood is already in the foundation and that the rest of my labors will help to build the House of the Lord, and to fill it with saints.

With a temple in Bangkok Thailand, we can clearly see the stone rolling forth to every corner of the earth, even to Thailand, where one temple will serve over 1 billion of the inhabitants of the Earth. Sons and daughters of God. And not only just the living, but countless dead who are ready for the gospel. 

Numbers-wise, Thailand isn't ready for a temple yet. But I firmly believe that something is happening on the other side of the veil. Many are receiving the Gospel of Jesus Christ and because it is so difficult for the Thai saints (and all of the surrounding countries) to travel to a temple to do the work for their dead, the Lord sees fit to bring the blessing of His House to Southeast Asia.
There's not much I can say, Transfers will be next week, also Sonkran is next week too. For all those unfamiliar, you can go look up this massive week long water fight online.
Love you all,
Elder Osborn

PS: This is a picture of me and Elder Liaga -- who just got to thailand about a month ago -- visiting a less active former branch president on Saturday.

We had a switch-off and had an extremely powerful lesson on the Resurrection of Christ and Easter. At the end Elder Liaga bore one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever heard in new missionary Thai. He said that when we reach out, He is here, when we plead and cry, He is here for us. When we need help, He is always next to us.
Elder Liaga told him he's going to speak bluntly, then told him that sometimes Christ needs us to be there for Him, sometimes He needs us to serve Him and others, and that "right now He needs you."

 By the time he finished in Christ's name, I had tears streaming down my face, this brother's eyes were watery, and the room was silent. This brother sat there then said, "I'll see you tomorrow morning."

Easter morning, I was sitting near the back and saw many heads turn and saw many smiles as he walked in and sat down for Sacrament meeting. 

This is a testimony that Thailand is preparing for a temple.

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