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Bahaha! That is thai... :)  I don't know how the Thai keyboard works yet so I can't type coherent words because of that so that's a whole bunch of gibberish! But gibberish I can read now!! 
Honestly, Thai is the coolest language in the entire world. I'm sorry everyone who really likes english, buuuuut...Thai is better. Haha JK.

Probably the biggest change from this week compared to last week is that we got two more "investigators". Elder Gage and I's new investigators are named Sxa and gop. AKA, Elder Klein and Elder Davis. We're starting to teach each other now! We take on a different person and really try to become them when we're being taught. We teach each other because we need more teaching practice, and there aren't exactly a whole bunch of Thai speaking volunteers that are willing to come into the MTC to pretend to be someone and be taught lessons in broken thai for an hour every day.

These people are rare, and so we teach each other. (none of the other languages have this problem cause there's pretty much an infinite supply of for example, spanish speakers) But it's a neat experience and gives us the chance to really feel what the phuusoncay (sorry, there's lots of words that we don't really say in English, they're always said in Thai, like phuusoncay, or investigator) feels so we can more effectively teach to their needs.

The three sisters in our district are teaching me and Elder Gage. They're really good teachers! It's amazing what the sister missionaries are capable of compared to the Elders. It's almost not fair...

Another big change this week: Our zone of 17 Thai missionaries has increased by 36 new missionaries last wednesday! All speaking vietnamese, cambodian, and hmong! Today we are going to be getting two more missionaries! Speaking Laotian! Which is pretty much the same as thai, but more squiggly and simple because they decided to make it easier and not worry about history in the words ( if you read the previous email, this will make more sense). 

The only sad part is that Elder Gage and I won't be able to bring them in because we were released as zone leaders on sunday... :(  It's okay, we didn't do anything wrong! They just like to give everyone a chance to have a leadership position in the MTC, so Elder Hartman and Elder Wolfley are our new zone leaders. It's so exciting having the whole hall in our building full of missionaries!! And all speaking different languages! So far three of them went to Timpview so Wohoo! Two of which I knew! Elder Yu and Elder Ha both graduated before me but I knew them! It's pretty exciting. 

All of the new missionaries really look up to the thai ones because they think we've been here forever. Some of them are even shocked when they find out that I'm one of the youngest missionaries here. I guess a month of the MTC really makes you more mature... haha

With all of the new missionaries our gym time is also much more exciting! 4 square is still the hot game... :)

Thai is coming along pretty swimmingly as well. The axon Thai (or thai script) is so cool! I'm getting faster, everyone is translating 1 nephi 1:1 and I thought I'd translate one of my favorite chapters, Enos. :) It's coming along, so slow, but so special. I love the language and we can almost speak completely in thai without any english in regular conversation! It's slow and hard work, but so rewarding!

Still, Choir holds a special place in my heart, this week we learned "Where can I turn for peace?"
I felt like I was singing in the choirs of Heaven. I still can't adequately describe the feelings it gives me. Also our temple time is very special to me.

I'm about of time, so I just want to tell everyone that I am so so so happy. I hope you're all doing great and I'd love some advice of what I should write about!
I also really enjoy getting letters and emails... :)

-Elder Osborn

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