Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Sawaddii Khrap!

I still don't know how to write in Thai on a computer but I'll see if I can figure it out for next week for all of you!

So, biggest things I can think of that happened this week:

1. I traded beds with Elder Davis. And I'm really excited about that

2. I sang tenor 1 in the Choir, and totally nailed that high G. (for those of you who don't know, I am most definitely a bass. Like middle C is difficult for me.) But last week Elder Klein and I made a deal that we would sing tenor this week. We ended up being chosen to sing tenor 1... It was horrifying but so rewarding! We sang Joseph Smith's First Prayer... So great. I've never sang that high before...

3. We watched Character of Christ again... I cried. Again... I love that talk because it gives me a greater desire to forget myself and love others more. I got so many more insights from watching it again. It's beautiful.

4. I was called up to give the talk in Sacrament Meeting. Every week the Presidency calls up two missionaries to give a short talk on the topic for that week. They don't tell us ahead of time and so we all get to prepare a talk. Every week before I've been preparing talks almost word for word, but this week I focused on sharing a meaningful story and following the guidance of the spirit for the rest of the talk. Don't think I'm using "following the Spirit" as an excuse for not preparing! I prepared, I just left room for the Spirit to guide it. As usual, I cried again, (thanks mom for sharing that gift :)  ) but I cry every time I speak on a gospel topic. The topic was recognizing the spirit. I spoke on really listening to the promptings of the spirit and acting on them. The spirit doesn't give you promptings just to make you feel good. The spirit pushes us to act. And if you don't know it's the spirit speaking to you, then remember that everything good is inspired of God and you need to act on every good thought.

5. Elder Madsen said something I really loved. "We need to have a burning, lively testimony of the Book of Mormon." :)  So good!! Elder Madsen is one of the Thai elders but he isn't in our district, but I love him so much! He is such a great example to me and he doesn't know it but I really look up to him. He made this comment pretty out of the blue when he was talking about how important it is that we are continually reading the book of mormon, because we are human, and we tend to forget things so easily. So just like fuel for a fire, we need to feed our testimony.
6. I got a new pen and am very excited about it.

7. Crazy rainstorms/weather in general! What has been going on?? There's still pieces of trees all over the place in here from that big storm. Also, we had some crazy hail, some of them were bigger than peas. But by the time Elder Gage and I got outside to look at it, it was just pouring by then and it was bright and sunny. So weird... It felt like a hot july day because of the sun, but it was pouring at the same time and the rain was really cold. Just a strange combination. I guess that just means we're still in Utah. Once we get to Thailand it'll always be hot, humid, and pouring rain. haha We've also had lots of rainbows and that has been sweet!

8. I developed a new move in 4-Square. Elder Jones and I call it the defibrillator. We call it that cause it looks like we're using one. It's a double fist punch that is pretty hard to return. Haha 

9. I can now read Thai at a reasonable pace. Although I'd compare that pace to that of a 1st grader... Not very quick but I feel like I can read so fast! haha

10. Just to clarify things up, My weight gain may not be as great as I made it seem in the last email. Most of it is pure muscle! haha JK, probably not.

Over all this place is great and the Spirit is so strong. I love it so much! We sang "I know my redeemer lives" a couple times this week, I cried. Again.
But I just love this line so much!!

"Oh, sweet the joy this sentence gives:
I know that my redeemer lives!"

That sentence really does give me the sweetest joy I can imagine. I am so grateful to serve the Lord and I know that my redeemer lives.

Love, Elder Osborn

PS: I tried to switch up the format for this email. Tell me if you like it or not. :)

Look! I found Elder Robinson! I don't know why, but he decided not to smile...

 Elder Gage and I are pretty fly chillin up at the Temple on Sunday afternoons haha

 That's my bed with our blanket on it!

There are six of us in the one room.... :)

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