Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Oh my goodness... for the first time since I got here I can say  that a lot has happened this week!

1. We got our travel plans!!!! I was so excited that I did a heel click. And I normally don't do those. And I didn't know I could. So that just shows how excited I was to find out. Thank goodness we are all actually going to leave on Monday!! Our flight is in the afternoon and we leave the mtc at 2 pm!
We're finally going to Phrataadthay!! (Yet again, my best attempt at writing thai, in english. I apologize... again.)

2. General Conference................... Honestly. I could write so much about General conference it would be just as long as the entire lord of the rings trilogy and all six star wars put together. Some of the best hours of my life. But not even exaggerating... I got over 21 pages of notes... And I have so much to work on after it too.

3. Elder Gage and I were chosen to help in the "missionary experience" with all the new missionaries who get here today. There were about 10 companionships chosen and we get to basically do a first lesson while being watched by 40 brand new missionaries, then we switch rooms and do it again. So that'll be fun! We do that tonight instead of going to class, which I'm a little sad about, cause we had a great lesson planned for our investigator. It'll be sweet. although it'll be really strange cause we've never given a lesson in english before. So when we were practicing I almost started speaking in Thai on accident. haha

4. We are going to Thailand on monday!

5. We are going to Thailand on monday!

6. We are going to Thailand on monday!

I think you get the point. haha

So, as you all know my wonderful sister is running this entire thing and I just want to thank her for helping me out while I serve. So thanks,  Mad. :)

She did give me a few things to write about today cause I asked her what to write about because I'm sure you are sick of hearing about how great choir is every week.

So choir was awesome this week!! haha jk, it really was great, we sang "I feel my Savior's love" -- so great!

Q 1: What is your favorite meal in the MTC? 

I love... hmmmmm. that is a good question. I really like icecream days. Sundays and wednesdays. and I really love the salads. It's the only meal I can eat and not feel like I'm going to explode after.

Q2: Take me through an average day there?

Wake up, breakfast, personal study, companionship study, TALL, GYM!!!!. Lunch, class for three hours, language study for an hour and a half, dinner, class again for three hours, planning, personal time to get ready for bed, personal devotional, sleep, and start again!!! they change a little bit every day in order but it's the same idea each day. We teach our investigators during class time. Do you see why so many people gain weight here? All we do is sit and eat! haha

Q 3: What do you do on P-days?

We wake up half an hour early, take our sheets downstairs to get new ones, go to the temple, eat our favorite meal ( that's it!! my favorite meal is the only one not at the MTC!! haha ).

We come back, change, do missionary portal/email/email the branch pres.. We prepare for laundry, grab a sack lunch and just take a few minutes to eat and relax. We write letters and go to laundry, where we continue to write letters. Then we fold clothes and clean the room and go to service where we set up the chairs for that "experience" that we will actually be in tonight!, we than go to dinner and have class as usual.

Q4: Are we at rain tree or the main campus?

We are at the main campus, and I am so glad! We never have/get to go anywhere! haha that's a positive and a negative...

Q5: What do I like most about the MTC?

Let's see... I probably talk about choir the most, than gym next, than the devotionals.. but I love everything so much!!! I really love personal study and the devotionals probably the most.

Q6: What do I like least?

How short gym time is.

Q7: What do your sundays consist of?

Lots of study time, a devotional, choir practice, sacrament meeting, a temple walk. It's still pretty busy.

So this is my last P-day in the MTC. So my next email will be all about Thailand!!!!!! Until then! I love you all!

-Elder Christopher Osborn

 Elder Gage and I before devotional.

The laundry room.

So this is our class room. we spend many hours every day in this one room. try and guess which desk is mine...:)

This is what the temple looked like just after we finished! So sad to leave the temple for two years. My eyes got watery as we walked down the walk and I said goodbye to my favorite place in the world.

Here's our travel plans :)

   A picture of me with Elder Sugihara. We got haircuts today.

This is me with Elder white and Elder Larson! They're pretty great and they come join in our p-day eve parties and all of our other awesome things.

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