Sunday, October 27, 2013


เอ็ลเดอร์ ออสบอร์น
So that's my name in Thai in case any of you were wondering what my tag looks like!! So cool isn't it!

Well, to say the least a lot of things happened this week. haha.

So first of all, right outside of the internet raan (sorry, I guess it's called an internet cafe in english.) haha there's a coco raan, a place where they make these delicious chocolate drinks. We started talking to the family that runs it last week after email, and guess what. We've already had two lessons with them and they're awesome! I don't know if they've started reading the Book of Mormon, but we'll check with them when we finish emailing. That's pretty neat.

Um, did I talk about our investigator last week? Well, we have one investigator who is a dance instructor. He has to work on sundays and that is the only thing stopping him from being baptized. We gave him a date on nov 24th and he has been praying a lot for help with work on sunday. We've joined our prayers with his and have been praying for a miracle. He's the only one who knows a certain dance that is really popular and he has to teach it every sunday. This week he talked to his boss, and got permission to move the class. The next day he talked to all of his customers and got the class moved!!!!! Prayers. Answered. He can come to church now and we might move his baptism to nov 10 now! I can't express how excited we are for him.

So I remembered where Elder Wilko is from. Kaysville.... how did I forget that?! haha
Still haven't found my bag.... that's okay though. It's not too big of a deal. I got a new dictionary and we don't really wear normal clothes. haha, except when we go to harvest rice!!!!
So, cool story. We went to harvest rice this week!! We met at the church at 6 in the morning to drive out into the bush and the rice patties. We were harvesting for sister พร. (PS she is the greatest woman in the whole world.(Besides my mom. :)   ) Such a sweetheart, so strong in the gospel, so loving of others. I kind of feel like she's my mom here in Udorn.) We moved rice bales( are they called bales? I don't know. haha) into a machine that seperated the rice from the...non-edible parts of the rice... haha I think my english skills are failing. I can't remember any english words anymore. It really was so fun and it was so great to just give real service. เเสม (that investigator who is a dance instructor) came too and he looked like a criminal cause he was wearing a ski mask! haha they wear lots of clothes so they don't get a corn rash. I didn't get one, but they made me wear socks on my arms so I wouldn't get a rash. hahahaha I have some good pictures.

Oh! Last monday night we had FHE.

Like no fhe you've ever experienced. Really though. Here, when they do family home evening, half of the ward comes with all of the investigators too, we play games and eat and take pictures (they love to take pictures more than life itself) and have a little spiritual thought. FHE is like a massive family reunion. More like a ward party, thailand style. haha so much fun!
Oh, and on tuesday. while we were contacting at a lake, we were about to leave and we heard "Elder!" yelled behind us. We went and talked to the guy, he pulled out his book of mormon and just told us right of the bat. "I have faith." What?! I definitely didn't expect that. Long story short, we gave him a baptismal date on the spot and gave him a reading assignment, which he started to read before we could finish the sentence. And, when we went to go meet with him the next day, he didn't come. And I guess most of the missionaries in Udorn have met with him and I guess he's not completely there... bummer. That would have been so neat!

When we hear, "Elder!" yelled behind us it is always the best. Cause whoever it is knows us and is willing to listen. Another time it happened it happened to be a Sister who moved somewhere we aren't and hasn't been able to go to church for 10 years. She's gonna call us this week cause she's back in Udorn and will come to church on sunday! And the other time it happened the guy came to church!

I love this mission. Thailand is awesome. I just wish there were more of us. Only 10 missionaries for 3 million people where we are. And in the country about 160 for 70 million. There's so much to do, we're always so busy. So busy, but so happy. Honestly I'm in heaven here in Thailand.

Well, Until next time.
Elder Osborn

These are all at FHE.

And the air conditioner in our room rains on us all day. So we keep all of our not waterproof stuff off of our study desk to keep it save. Haha

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