Monday, March 24, 2014


This week was the most tiring week of my life.

I was falling asleep in lessons, in between lessons, while sitting on the bus, during exercise time, everywhere! We were pretty darn tired!

Why? Because we had the most successful and productive week yet. Elder Lucas and I taught so many lessons.... Preparing so many people for baptism. We walked out of the week with 16 lessons with a member and 31 other lessons. 9 people at church but only 6 new investigators. On friday we had to go on a split so our investigators could get interviewed. So I got to spend the day with Elder Wilko again!! Then we got home at 10 from the switch-off and had to wake up at 5 for a ward activity the next morning. With over 16 appointments set up for that afternoon and evening... So we basically were running on steam and the life sustaining effects of mountain dew. Sunday was similar. As was every day this week.

Sadly no awesome stories with white people, except for this random russian guy yelling at me from across the way.

But we had a great week. Sister พิมพ์ got baptized. And we have more people set up for next week too! We built an ultra lesson during companion study because we realized we won't have enough time during the week unless we make our lessons more effective. So we tested this new lesson. We taught 2 investigators the plan of salvation, the gospel, the 10 commandments, tithing, fasting, and the law, all in 45 minutes, including a short discussion on how to invite friends to learn too and a review of scripture study.
With this new lesson style - if our member doesn't go off on a tangent - we can teach our investigators everything in two thirty minute lessons. Which gives us more time to go out and find these investigators!

We went out to go contacting on Friday for 10 minutes while we waited for a lesson. We walked across the street and I invited this lady with a little kid and a baby to be baptized. She said she really wanted to be baptized and wanted to be christian. So she's getting baptized this Sunday! Her little son's name is Bread. :) 
Sorry I'm not saying much... Still pretty tired from this week. But this week's just going to be better!

Elder Osborn

 This is Sister Peem. or พิมพ์... thai is way easier.

And Sister Wan's son Bread is on the left of the picture. Cutest little kid.

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