Monday, March 31, 2014


My new favorite question. "What is baptism?"
I won't answer this question for you, just give you all the opportunity to ponder this beautiful and essential ordinance of salvation and exaltation.

Speaking of baptism. Brother Jum, จุ๋ม got baptized yesterday! I love this guy. He's hilarious, so shy. He is so scared of talking to people he refused to bear his testimony after his baptism... :)

On Friday we were helping some members move out at their house way far away and we were waiting for the bus so we could go back and teach a lesson. We were standing there and a guy pulled up on a motorcycle and asked us, "You guys was away sins, right?" We said yes and set up an appointment. After we got his number and set him up for the next day he just drove away back the way he came. It was almost like he knew we were there. Really cool little miracle. He's getting baptized. He also looks like Vin Diesel. :)

We had some really cool powerful lessons with some of the long-time investigators we inherited from the Sisters before us. Basically one is already interviewed for baptism and the other two are going to get married so they can get baptized too. 
Something really cool that comes along with every baptism we get is we have to go on a switch-off with the zone leaders every time. So basically I get to be companions with Elder Wilko almost every week for a day! He still teaches me new things.

We found this one guy, during the first lesson we taught him every single commandment. That was super fun.

God taught us a lesson - or several - yesterday.  On Saturday we were writing everyone down who is set up to go to church yesterday. We had 23 people!! The next day in Sacrament meeting only two of them came. And we had a walk-in. So only 3. 23 people. Only 3 came. We were pretty frustrated. But because none of those people came we cleaned out our investigator pool and went contacting to replace all of those people we dropped. We found the real contacting wonderland. A residential area, a massive street market, and 4 7-elevens within 100 meters. Woah. We want to go back because nobody has ever really contacted there and it is a perfect set-up for some beautiful contacting. We'll see how many people in that area we can baptize this month.

We play this game called "Where's Waldo?"  Basically whenever we go contacting our goal is to find that ONE person who is way amazing and will get baptized the next week. Most of our new investigators have been this "waldo". we also found one in that one place.

We are learning lots of lessons, humility, charity, love, and prayer. 

We saw a beautiful sunset last night too. :)

A solid week.

Elder Osborn

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