Sunday, May 25, 2014


Hello. This is Elder Osborn. Elder Osborn doesn't know what to say this week. He felt pretty useless on Friday. Why? Because he didn't do anything. What!? Elder Osborn didn't do anything.

Okay, nevermind, I can't write that style, back to normal.

I didn't do anything on Friday and it was the worst! We got a text from the Zone Leaders saying that due to certain circumstances including a mob and a coup we were to stay in our apartments unless we had an appointment. Thank goodness we had tons of appointments set up! But guess what? Everyone didn't go. So we didn't really do anything on Friday. Then we got the text for Saturday that we needed to get 72 hour kits and we could go out and work and do stuff, just no contacting. What?!!! No street contacting. I couldn't invite people to get baptized for two days! It was horrible.
I can remember we were on a bus and I saw a way nice looking guy. I smiled at him and he smiled back. I imagined him in baptismal white -- which is a technique we use while we teach and invite to increase our faith -- and thought of how great of a member he'll be. I went to grab my baptismal card but couldn't... I couldn't invite him to get baptized!!! So I said a silent but fervent prayer that we'd see him again or he'd come the the gospel soon.

Yeah, so that was the worst. Everyone who is serving please treasure up the fact that you can go contacting and invite people to get baptized.

We started planning as if this would continue on indefinitely so we've been planning ways to get more referrals so we can still baptize.
We also had a curfew at 8. So we had to be back at home at 8 every day. That was the worst too. 

But as of today we are free!!! We can contact and invite people to be baptized again! Just we have to not make a show if there are soldiers around. :)

This week was the most glorious miracle! It was the first one that I was the recipient too! 
Remember that one time when I made it all the way to Thailand without losing anything. Then on the bus on the way to my first area -- Udorn -- they lost my carry-on? Yes that happened. I lost one of my three bags, and the only one that didn't have my info on the outside, cause it was my carry-on. It had lots of stuff in it. Like letters, my dictionary, my clothes, my language materials, and my study/spiritual journal from the last few YEARS.

Yes this happened over 7 months ago. I lost my bag. This week we got a call from the Elders in Ubon. They found my bag! In Ubon. That city isn't even near Udorn or Bangkok. How did it end up there? And how did the Elders find it? It didn't have my name on it. So I'm getting my bag back!!! What on earth?!! I don't know how I'll get it from way over there, or when. But I'm getting it back! There must be something really important in that journal for God to decide to do this miracle to give it back to me.

Pic: Last night Elder Sayavong feel asleep early, so we created this monster and put it in the bathroom because he always wakes up to go to the bathroom during the night.
He told us this morning that he saw it in the dark and covered his eyes and walked towards it until he touched it, then turned on the light. We were hoping he would scream or run or something, but that's okay, it was pretty darn hilarious. We have round two in the works right now.

So, I have a question. Do you guys like emails like this one, or emails like the last one? They're both fun for me to write and I just don't know exactly what I should keep doing.

Love ya! 

Elder Osborn

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