Monday, June 2, 2014


What a cool week! The last few weeks have been trying, but our tires just made traction. Just like Elder Bednar said, sometimes, we just need a heavier load to get enough traction to move forward.
We put together a fireside about sharing the gospel. It turned out way good! Super fun, showing videos and talks and such all about opening your mouth with love. We saw an unusual amount of new investigators. In one day we got 5 new investigators. There are several people preparing to be baptized the next few weeks. Actually, there are a lot. And I'm really excited for them. 

One particular investigator has been very solid but didn't accept a date, after our second lesson she stayed while we taught the next investigator. Then after the lesson she came up and sat next to us and said, "Elder, I have decided to be baptized." She proceeded to tell us that while we were teaching the other investigator that a song from her childhood came into her thoughts. I don't remember the lyrics, which were in English, but it was a Christian song -- she learned at a christian school as a child for three years -- all about gratitude for Jesus. She told us that she had forgotten that song completely, until just then, while we were teaching, the song came back to remembrance. She recognized this prompting of the Spirit and told us she would be baptized.

I was very impressed by this. It reminds me of something Elder Bednar said about inspiration. "You may have on occasion where you fail to say your morning prayers, and you all of the sudden hear the voice of your mother, who, when you were a small boy, would say, 'remember to say your morning prayers, remember to say your evening prayers.' Why would God send an angel to deliver that message to you, when the Holy Ghost can bring back to you the recollection of the remembrance of your angel mother, reminding you to pray?"

I was impressed. This new investigator, who I had met on the street just last Monday, was receiving impressions from the Spirit, and was aware of them. Everybody gets these promptings, but this woman noticed them, left the room for a moment to ponder them, and came back to us and said, "Elder I want to be baptized."

It made me ponder. Very often while I'm studying or teaching I think of a certain training or seminary class or scripture or experience in my past. But how often do I follow that? Everything that is good cometh from Him.
God doesn't need to reveal something new to me that He wants me to focus on right now, He will just help me remember what is most important. And He did it in an unusual form. He sent me my old spiritual journal. That bag I lost for 7 months. Now I know what He wants me to do. He wants me to memorize scriptures. I don't really know why right now but I know that that is what I need to do. So I will memorize scriptures again. Just like in Seminary!

I also learned the value of simple invitations. We teach English class every Tuesday. I asked one woman while I was signing off her card if she wanted to go to church with us on Sunday. She said she did. We talked a little bit and she's a solid investigator now, she even brought a friend too.

I relearned the beauty of a solid breakfast. This week I didn't buy my usual cereal/oat/fruit mix. I've been eating oatmeal with banana slices and making egg sandwiches. Look at us! Little cooks every morning! It's just a way good way to start off the day! haha It's amazing the little things that make a missionary happy. 

This week I've been working to develop the trait of gratitude. Because gratitude is the parent of all virtues.

Elder Osborn

Look at this!!! This is called ต้มยำไก่ if that helps explain what this is. haha So good. This bowl cost us 2 dollars and it filled two elders. Two Elders who eat A LOT. 

Also, we realized how the names of foods are way funny when you translate them. For example: my favorite meal is spicy papaya salad and grilled pig neck. Don't you judge, this is the most delicious food ever!!!!

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