Monday, August 11, 2014


So... I don't really know what to say about this week! So much has happened!

1. Last P-day we went on a hike and played in the mountains!
2. We had transfers meeting!
3. I got a new companion. Elder Baldwin!
4. He's awesome.
5. We caught a rat in our house. Just imagine 4 Elders chasing a rat around for 20 minutes with brooms and buckets.
6. Mosquitoes love to eat Elder Baldwin. 
7. Yesterday we ate a lot of garlic.
8. I've noticed less mosquitoes bugging Elder Baldwin.
9. We went to a school in the middle of nowhere.
10. We had a talent show!
11. Sister พลอย got baptized!!!!!
12. Sister พลอย got baptized.
13. Her brother really wants to get baptized too. He is on vacation up here so we used his phone to call the Elders in Bangkok and set up an appointment for them. You could say those Elders were very excited to get that call.
14. We slammed timtams. (you may not know what that is. If you want to know feel free to ask.)
15. Elder Baldwin is hilarious. We laugh a lot.
16. We're still in Pitsanulok.
17. The phone was lost, but now we have one again.
18. God is working miracles here!
19. I'm really excited for this transfer!

Here's some pictures from our adventure!!!!

Look at this gun we found in the wilderness. This was actually in a place that used to be a base for the communists in the Thailand jungle during the civil war. Guns like these would shoot down government aircraft all the time.

Thank goodness they didn't wear helmets like this!

A delicious meal. Do not believe that I ate all of that. There were 5 of us.

 Look at these sweet thai pants!!!

Also, this is Sister พลอย's baptism!!! พลอย means diamond! We're so proud of her.

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