Sunday, August 31, 2014


Busy week! On Saturday we had a special training. President Senior came up to พิษณุโลก and taught us about teaching people, not lessons. I learned so much. We learned how to ask effective questions and how to really dig down to the root of a concern. For example, we practiced with President the scenario of the investigator says they don't want to be baptized. And through asking a bunch of questions we found out that they really wanted to, but they just are scared of water. 

- this is the illustration that president used to illustrate the principle --

Then yesterday we used it! And had one of the coolest lessons ever! We taught an investigator for the second time. (the first was on Saturday). We were able to find out several spiritual experiences from her past and her beliefs on what they actually were. We also were able to find out that she thought we were a cult at first.  After a really cool lesson she is now progressing! And way solid!

Brother Stamp who got baptized last week is now helping teach and is fellowshipping investigators like a boss!

The sister who Elder Tamang and I taught got baptized on Friday! She bore her testimony about how she now loves going to work because she knows that she is serving God! It was so powerful!!!

Yesterday was Elder Baldwin's birthday. He is so old! He's 20 now. haha

Love, Elder Osborn


 Look at this! It's the best superheroes ever!!!!

I made red curry!!!! It was delicious! Beyond description. ทำแกงเก่ง

One of our formers took us to eat ice cream!! It was delicious! We LOVE ice cream.

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