Saturday, February 21, 2015


Dear Family! And others...

This week we did work.

We did a project called priority zero for two days. We visited members. We're pretty tired. When we're done emailing we're going to go nap at the house.

I got the chance to spend time with missionaries who have taken off their tags for good. I was able to glean a lot from these wise missionaries. I've learned the importance learning from others and of role models.

On Monday I went with the same brother who is preparing to serve a mission to visit his family. It was the second time his mother had seen the missionaries, and the first time his father had seen us. Due to business I was on a switch-off with him. The only thing he wanted was for his parents to stop drinking. The entire way over to his home he asked me questions, and the entire way back he thanked me and asked me more questions. At his home we ate dinner and for dessert was a cake, which on it's face written on frosting was, "Thank you, Elder Osborn". 

I took the opportunity to teach a principle while we walked back to return me to my companions. I asked him if he'd read the Book of Mormon yet. He has.

I began to talk about heroes. I asked him, "Why do you think Mormon named his son Moroni?" "Why did Helaman name his sons Nephi and Lehi?". I attempted to unfold the principles of heroes and leadership to him. Because as a new member, he hasn't grown up with his parents teaching him the words of eternal life. But the Lord is the perfect example for all of us.

How grateful I am that I've had powerful role models in my life. Especially my parents, my mission president and wife, the prophets, and the Lord. 

Elder Osborn

Here's a bunch of pictures!

Yesterday we made thai food!!! 

Also, this member has the cutest dog in the world.

Sister Sai got baptized on Sunday!

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