Saturday, February 28, 2015


Dear Family!

This week was pretty fun. We've been having a blast doing lots projects for transfers... 

A few weeks ago I contacted a young woman. We gave her to the sisters after the first lesson because we felt like they would take better care of her. Last night I interviewed her! She passed!

It was really cool to be able to invite someone, then not teach them, and in the end be the interviewer. I was able to see so much progression in what felt like no time at all. She'll be baptized tomorrow.

This week I've been learning a lot about thinking. Thinking twice before everything, especially speaking. Doing this has been helping me to be sure that my conversation administers grace unto the hearers. It has also helped me to be more aware in general.

Brother Yut told us that his family felt really good when we went to visit him. They'll be coming to church tomorrow!

Elder Osborn

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