Monday, March 23, 2015


This week we did a little coordinating with the assistants in order to start something special here in Bangkhae.
Last time the mission changed a lot was right when I came into country. A couple missionaries figured out that they can actually talk to everybody. And not just talking. Inviting everybody to be baptized. They saw great success and there was a couple trainings and it spread to the rest of the mission. Then the mission baptized thousands. Now that we've got a jumpstart we're going to finish the families of all the people that came to the church.

 The only problem is that the mission is confused now. We're working with families more and many missionaries are being less diligent and talking to less people and overall just forgetting the things that brought us here. No missionaries have "figured it out" yet. A simple step by step process to bring a family to Christ. All the way from the contact on the street to a new family in the church.

Considering that the Bangkhae area has every single type of missionary in one place. Zone leaders, a district leader, a sister training leader, and two training companionships, Bangkhae is the best place to do a little test. So we made some new inviting cards that are all about eternal families! And we're figuring out a "way" to make this style work. Just like what happened almost two years ago with baptism. It's starting to work. We're finding that the Thai people do not generally understand the work "eternity" or "forever". So our question for contacting is "Do you understand the word eternal family?" This question actually works pretty well. People don't just think that we're looking for a certain place called families forever. Which was the problem when we'd ask if they were familiar with eternal families. The plan is to get the work in this way to start moving fast. So that we can push it to the rest of the mission and watch the work explode again.

So please pray that the Lord will prepare families for the Gospel here!

Tomorrow is Zone Conference! So we've also been doing a bunch of stuff recently preparing for that. Tonight we're having a special FHE for all of Bangkok. We'll be watching Meet the Mormons! Yeah! First movie in a really long time. hahaha

Love you all! 
Elder Osborn

Here's a picture of some cute kids that really liked our bikes (one is wearing my helmet). They asked Elder Weaver if his bike cost a million dollars.

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