Sunday, March 15, 2015


Dear people,

I don't have a ton of time to write so I'm just going to spurt out things that are on my mind. Okay?

This week I had my first mission leadership council. So I got to go back to my previous area and receive a fantastic training from the assistants and president. 

After, we did our first switch-off so I went with Elder Stone for a day, we also needed to move some furniture to our house so we took the office van back to Bangkhae!!

We got lost so it took us 3+ hours.... But we had a fantastic conversation.

I had a blast with Elder Stone, who is my replacement in the office.

On Saturday the Bangkok West District had a Relief Society activity to celebrate the anniversary of the Relief Society. So the Elders in our district were asked to translate for the entire activity. It was way fun! I realized how bad my Thai is. haha

Translating to English is a monster but translating into Thai from English was super easy.

We got to train our zone last week too! It was really cool to go out and train all of the districts.

In our Taxi rides we got to have some great conversations with the drivers. One of which made me super happy. One of my first invites on an eternal family that was received gladly and with excitement. We talked to this guy for 1.5 hours about families and he is so excited to go to church with his family now!

Today we're going on an excursion to go get suits cut! For super cheap. We're gonna have a party!

Elder Osborn

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