Monday, April 14, 2014


We're all about to run out and go have a water fight all day, so today will be short. I'll make up for it next week. This week was fantastic. Conference was enlightening and revelatory.

We found some new solid investigators and are set up with a goal of 5 baptisms in our trio this week. We'll see how this goes! We have to work tomorrow, even though the entire country will still be fighting with water in the streets, so we'll try to just work out of the church as much as possible.

Oh, this Protestant thai lady FREAKED OUT on the bus the other day. She said she didn't like our church, I asked why, she said we didn't teach the scriptures, I said I read them for 2 hours a day, she said we don't teach the word of God, (she started to fluster and get unusually angry - even for a white person).

I started quoting Jesus, "Thou shalt love the lord thy God with all thy heart... and the second is like unto it, Love thy neighbor as thyself".

She stood up and yelled that she would go call the cops. I told her to calm down a few times until she sat back down and sulked into silence while everyone else on the bus started acting normal again.

I love you all! I promise I'll write better next week!

Elder Osborn

Here's a way delicious dish we ate a few days ago. What I'm sticking in my mouth right there is a chunk of coagulated blood. Way good. :)

I'm way pumped to go invite people to get baptized as I spray them in the face with my squirt gun.

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