Monday, April 21, 2014


This week was a week of miracles. Especially Thursday. 

One of our daters doesn't have a phone, so we set up a series of appointments last Sunday. He didn't come to the first one and so we knelt down on Thursday while we were waiting for another appointment and asked for the Lord to lead Brother Peter to the church. Within five minutes he pulled up on his motorcycle and we were able to help him get baptized yesterday.

The appointment we were waiting for was a special lesson. The Spirit manifested it's power and we spoke of doing what is right and taking the consequences. Their only problem was they needed to be married or split up. They had tried before to separate but it never worked. They wanted to wait a year before they got married. We asked them to kneel down and pray and ask God what they should do. We continued to teach the next investigator as we waited for them to come out. We asked that they would come tell us what they decided to do. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. They both asked frantically, "Where is the closest place to get married?" We were able to find out the closest place and we found out it closed in 20 minutes. They ran to their motorcycle and rushed to go get married. The place stayed open for them to get married and closed after they left. We were able to watch them both get baptized yesterday as well.

Brother โจ was found a few weeks ago. He didn't come to our appointment but he ran into Elder Sayavong several days later. He progressed and was baptized yesterday.

Sister ฝ้าย was a referral from the second Assistant companionship. Her mother watched with joy and pride as she was baptized yesterday. 

It was a special day yesterday.

If somebody had told me before I left on a mission that I would baptize 5 people in one day I would have never believed them. I am so grateful to serve in this special section of the Lord's vineyard and to be truly laden with sheaves with my fellow servants as we serve with all our heart, might, mind, and strength.

Elder Osborn

Here's a whole bunch of pictures. 

A couple from the baptism.

Elder Sayavong and Elder Winsor walking on the other side of the street as we go to a market to invite people to get baptized.

Brother Peter, the investigator who doesn't have a phone, studying the Plan of Salvation just after he passed his interview.

This last one is of usual occurrence. I just realized how foreign this is in America. So I took a picture of this truck with a guy on top this morning to show you. :)

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