Monday, April 28, 2014


So... The three amigos is over. I got a new companion. Still in Srinakarin, but Now Elder อรรถสิทธิ์ is my new companion. haha Elder Attasit is easier isn't it? Yes! So I got another companion. He is from the Asoke branch. A Thai companion! And his english is amazing. He's a boss, just barely came off of bed rest because of his back. He went home to rest for one transfer to heal. And now that he's back he's my companion.
He is a wonderful teacher and has taught me A LOT since thursday.

I have also been pretty sick this week so I don't have too much to say... Sorry about the not super exciting email.

Oh, also the fact that I have a new companion means that I moved my way boss desk back to it's original location in the other room.
And our house is hilarious. We have Elder Winsor, Elder Sayavong, Elder Attasit, and I. We are a funny house. And Elder Attasit is a quick-witted one, so it's always entertaining.


I think it was the flu and some pretty bad XYZ.... On transfers day I used the bathroom over 20 times. So that was fun. .......
Tuesday and Wednesday was horrible fever and aches. So that was fun!
I'm better now, it wrecked me Tuesday until Friday. I wasn't one hundred percent, but as of now I'm good!

I don't know exactly what is wrong with his back, but he can't do much and one of his legs is numb pretty frequently because of it.

Investigator progress - We have a goal for two baptisms this Sunday. The only problem is I feel like I'm writing the same things every time in the emails so I don't know exactly what to say about my investigators.

Love ya, 

Elder Osborn

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