Monday, October 6, 2014


Another week in paradise!

This week was filled with miracles. Sister Nori, who was about to be baptized, but is still overcoming one difficulty, is so solid. Her words echoed in my head when I asked her after teaching about the first vision, "If I told you tomorrow that I had seen the Lord, would you believe me?" -- I was looking for the answer no so we could teach about the Book of Mormon. -- But she said "Yes". I didn't know what to say. We asked why. She said, "I would believe you because I know that the Lord sent you here."

Her words followed a special theme I had noticed in my studies. In Chapter 9 of Preach My Gospel is the phrase "You are to build up the Church by finding “them that will receive you” (D&C 42:8). Such people will recognize that you are the Lord’s servants."

In the Qualifications for the Work Elder Cook speaks very frequently of "when they say [I know you are a servant of the Lord] they will do everything you say, and they will be baptized" (taken from the Elder Osborn paraphrased version 1.2.1)

What tells an investigator that has known me for 3 days that I am a servant of the Lord? Who can do that? Only the Holy Spirit. He can speak to their hearts and tell them that we are on the Lord's errand. And then they know what they must do.

Second, is a recent convert who was just barely baptized. He had slipped into some past transgressions and his fellow-shipper felt like the best thing to do was to help him move so he wouldn't be surrounded by temptations. He's about 70-years old and walks very, very, slowly with a cane. We visited him at his new home on Saturday and asked him if he needed a ride to church. He politely declined and the following morning, walked for 2 hours to come to church. He didn't say much in the meetings, if at all. And then when everything was over, he quietly slipped out of church and walked home again.

Our mission is hitting a new inflection point. The work is exploding! We have so much to do! I love it! All of the members who have served are always telling us how these days our mission is way intense. But when they served it was สบาย or comfortable. The Lord's work isn't supposed to be comfortable. He pushes us. He is hastening His work. We just follow all of His commands to exactness.

With love, and your fellow-servant in Christ Jesus, 

Elder Osborn

This is my companion Elder Evans, he's amazing!!!!!!!

This is a ridiculous sign we found. Love it!!

Hey look! A lizard beast!

A member fed us chicken butts and maggots the other day. They were gross. I took a video, but the file is too big to send! :(

Love ya!!

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