Monday, October 13, 2014


Dear everybody,

This week was miraculous. We've been working hard, and Sister Nori was baptized yesterday with her daughter Mild. We are so proud of them and we are excited for their new life in Christ. The ward has really taken them under their wing too, so we're not too worried about them.

One investigator was struggling with smoking. On Monday she stopped completely, and on Tuesday she went to smoke again but she said it burned and stung in her throat and that it smelled bad too. When we met with her on Wednesday she even plugged her nose when a man in front of a nearby house started smoking. Miracles!!

While riding to church yesterday, one of our recent converts invited a random person on the Songtao to come to conference. This woman accepted the invitation and also accepted a baptismal date for the 26th. Members can do work so easily!!!

As for other miracles, specific talks during conference stirred the hearts of a few investigators this weekend. The 26th is going to be a big day for Sagonakon!

We did some rearranging of furniture this week. We got bored of the original setup.

Mom, you'd be proud, today I swept the floor and did the dishes. And made my bed! :)

Sister Nori and Mild were baptized!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!! Elder Evans' first baptisms.

Conference answered all of my prayers and all of my questions. Thank you personal revelation that can confirm general revelation.

Elder Evans has a batman mask and loves to wear it during planning.
He also came up with the game of blindfolded frisbee.... I'm worried about his safety.

We also visited a recent convert, sister Lam at her house. she has the cutest chicken!!! We played with it and then held it during our lesson.

There was this huge parade!! Lots of monks and dancing and things of that sort. The other Elders found one of their current investigators with a baptismal date (daters) while we were there!
I snapped this picture. :)

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