Tuesday, October 21, 2014


This Saturday till Monday I had a great weekend. I got to go to Khon Kaen!!!! The entire Isaan came together in one big meeting. That's three districts. The first time this has ever happened. Instead of making more stakes or districts, they consolidated and dissolved one of the districts. In preparation to turn the two remaining districts into stakes at the end of this year and in the middle of next year. Thailand is growing and preparing for a temple. They want one so bad!!!!! All of the speakers were talking about the blessings of stakes and temples and missionary work.

Two days of cultural celebrations and meetings. I was able to see two of my converts from my first area. One of which is the District executive secretary and the Young Mens president. The other is in his branch's branch presidency and I watched him lead his branch. I am so proud of them!!! Brother Oh and Brother Sam. It made me SO proud to see both of them, leaders and missionaries in their branches.

On Sunday night we had a special meeting with Elder Gong, our Asia area president. He had gotten permission from Elder Holland to hold a special Sacrament meeting that night, with only the missionaries. We had a devotional before it and discussed the atonement and the meaning and importance of the sacrament. It was a powerful experience. It was a testimony sacrament meeting. So testimonies were born for about an hour. The entire time I noticed Elder Gong staring at what I thought was the clock in the back. At the end he bore his testimony. He told us that we was about to share with us something very tender. He told us that the meeting was so filled with the spirit and with love that he was watching the door the entire meeting, wondering when the Savior would walk in.

He said that that was one of the meetings that the Savior would have entered.

I also got the chance to have a personal interview with him, I asked him all about faith and remembering and conversion. We had a great conversation.

If you ever want a scripture to study and ponder for forever look at Moses 6:60. Elder Gong gave us that one. Way cool!!! He said it would take a lot of effort and time to understand it.

A great weekend!! 

Elder Osborn

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