Sunday, November 2, 2014


Dear everybody and anybody,

This week was transfers. We didn't get to go. That was the first time I never got to go. But I am really happy right now in Sagonakon (I like this unofficial spelling better) 

Instead of traveling all night and day and night to go to transfers meeting we stayed here and just worked. We worked a lot. Seeing some miracles.

Yesterday we had an unexpected miracle. A walk-in. She was waiting for a bus to get home a couple days ago and she missed the last bus. She said a prayer and a friend she hadn't seen for years pulled up and gave her a ride. She decided she would change religions. She is a David Archuleta fan and decided to try going to the church that David Archuleta goes to. She did all of her research and watched Meet the Mormons and searched everything on When we taught her the word of wisdom and the law of chastity she got chills because these were the exact standards she had set for herself when she was younger. She described coming to church as "coming back home". She didn't take a date but she wants to learn and study before she makes a decision.

We're back to november again. Or should I say Bovember. It has been a year since our mission was first revamped. Now, instead of the goal being one baptism per companionship. The goal (standard of excellence) is two per companionship. And it's going to be crazy!!

Miracles happen everyday.

For Halloween the branch threw a party. They told us to plan some activities downstairs to entertain all of the guests while they took groups upstairs to go through their haunted house... So we set up a little candy fish pond and apple bobbing. But the tanks were late so we entertained 30 people for an hour with one fishing rod and a whole bunch of tiny little candies. In a rented building for a church. It was the most ghetto halloween party I've ever seen. Everyone looked so bored. Finally the tanks came and we started doing apple bobbing. They struggled and thought that we were just pulling a prank on them instead of actually doing a real halloween activity. One lady just decided to push the apple down the the bottom of the tank to grab it. It worked and she got water everywhere!!

Finally the host came down and said that they were ready. The entire time all of the hosts and hostesses would speak using a certain form of thai that made everything extra terrifying. (In thai there are lots of different languages, each one is used for certain circumstances. For example the word to eat has five different words: แดก(inappropriate in almost every situation), กิน, ทาน, รับประทาน, and เสวย, each having the same meaning but are all used in different circumstances and with different people.)

They brought us into the first room and had us wait as they told scary stories and fed us "medicine" to allow us to enter into the next room, which would kill us if we didn't eat it. (the medicine was a mento and a wasabi pea) The scariest part of this was two of the RCs dressed up as terrifying japanese dolls just doing this weird dance. Absolutely terrifying. It looked like they had no bones!

Oh, and the lighting was just this really dark red light.

Then they made us close our eyes and walk to the next room where they had freaky music playing and they kept commanding us to do things. They had the Elder Evans and I go last. When they had the branch president go, he started screaming and fighting and yelling. It was so freaky. Then they brought me up. -- You know those scary activities we do where you make someone stick their hand into a bucket full of something. Or eat something gross without looking? Yeah, this was Sagonakon Thailand style!!! -- I put my hand in the first one and screamed. It was filled with nasty jelly worms. The second one felt like jello and a slab of meat. Still don't know what was in there. The third one had what I thought was a chicken leg and a chicken breast. Nope. Afterwards I found out it was a frog! It was about three times as big as my fist!!! Massive living frog!! Then they made us eat things. There was something like jello, then a wasabi pea, then something crunchy and squishy. They just kept shoving this stuff in my mouth. I gagged and almost puked. Afterwards I saw that it was that same nasty bug that I had eaten at Sister Jit's house. It wasn't even a bug, more like a large larvae. And they shoved like 5 of them in my mouth.

So yes. Thailand's version of haunted houses are way scarier than anything I saw in America. Oh, and then as we left they gave us a cup of blood with two eyeballs sitting on the top. (it was jello but still way good) One of the kids cried as they went through it.

Yeah... That's all I have to say for this week.

Elder Osborn

LOOK AT THIS CHICKEN! It's still the cutest chicken in the world. And now it's on my shoulder!!


And this is Elder Keller and I taking a break after eating the best meal in the world. Grilled pork with โหระพา. My favorite leaf in the entire world. I ate so much!!!!!!!!

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