Sunday, November 23, 2014


This week I had a week filled with the Spirit. I was guided in so many ways. Everything from personal prayers and answers to being guided to specific homes at specific times. To being inspired by a switch-off with a former companion.

I had a distinct prompting to send a specific scripture to a specific recent convert during my personal prayer one morning. I decided I'd send it to him that evening. During the day, Elder Amonthab told us that the same specific member had called and said he wasn't going to church anymore because of something that was said by another member. I sent the text later, but wished I had sent it earlier, when it could have supported him right in the moment he needed it.

The next day, we had finished eating dinner with the Branch President when I felt like we should stop by and visit another recent convert.(Only she and her daughter are members) We asked him to guide us to her house and we parked. She came out and asked why we were here. We told her we didn't know. The then invited us in. We hesitated, not sure if there was another male in the home, but she assured us there was. We went in to find out that her husband was there. We sat down and were able to talk to him and teach about God. Then, just as we had to leave for another appointment, her son came in and her daughter was able to say a prayer for the entire family; possibly for the first time. This member was so happy as we left that we were able to stop by and begin teaching her husband. And I am so glad that God still trusted me to listen to His guidance.

I went on a switch-off with Elder Winsor!!! Yeah! Haven't been with him in a while. He didn't teach me anything. He simply reminded me of some things. He lit a fire for contacting in my soul.

We didn't ever stand in one place and contact like we usually do. We just talked to everyone we saw. And in one day we got 23 lessons/return appointments set up on the street with people who want to be baptized.

The next day we continued doing this. We found ourselves on the way to lunch, but we had stopped at four way intersection. No traffic light, and the big street was comparable to University avenue, but it had a big grass medium. Elder Evans had stopped and was setting up an appointment at a bus stop with a lady. I had crossed the street by this point and had gotten off my bike and was calling and stopping cars and inviting them. I got one appointment here. Then I waved down a lady driving her motorcycle on the opposite side of the highway. She pulled over, I ran over there, and talked to her. She has been taught by the missionaries before! They used to go visit her every week and she would go to church with her whole family. After all this fiasco ended I walked back across the highway to find Elder Evans having stopped another man on his motorcycle. But this guy didn't have a phone, so we followed him home and taught him his first lesson right there.

There's an entire section in Preach My Gospel that is titled, talk to everyone. Some might think this isn't possible. But I promise that it is. And we are seeing miracles from it.

Love you all

Elder Osborn

Look at this kid!!! So cute!!!!

Sister Bee got baptized!!! Yeah! Her story is fantastic!

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