Monday, December 1, 2014


My dearly beloved พี่น้อง. This week was a beautiful week. A hard week for me. I learned a lot about selflessness and gratitude. 

I did a great little activity one personal study. I spent half an hour with my journal open, writing down everything I was grateful for. Then I read the talk Grateful in Any Circumstances by President Uchtdorf. Any impatience, frustration, selfishness evaporated away. I feel at peace again. As for work, not too much happened on the side of stories.

One of our recent converts has been working with us to bring her children into the Church. As the son who she had the most hopes for began to fall back again she almost gave up and decided that she would throw in the towel and move to Bangkok to "rest". She had planned to leave after Christmas. This week we were about to leave the church and we decided that we should call her and invite her to the Thanksgiving dinner we prepared (which she couldn't even go to because she lives far away and has no car). We then thought that it would be even better if we were to have a member call her. So we walked up to a wonderful Sister named Bap and asked her to call this member. She asked for her number and made the phone call. Later that night Sister Bap called and told us that this mother had changed her plans and was actually packing up when Bap called. Long story short, this phone call was an answer to tear-filled prayers.

The next day, this Sister was the happiest I had ever seen her. She had brought her son who she had just the day before given up on. She also brought her other daughter who we have yet been able to make contact with.

Yesterday our Branch President started a missionary prep class. He invited the missionaries, returned missionaries, and those who want to serve. There were five youth there. Three of which are our recent converts. One was Sister Apple who was baptized this month.

I'm as happy as ever, just trying my best to follow the example of our beloved Prophet always be on the Lord's errand.

Elder Osborn

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