Saturday, December 13, 2014


On Monday we got the call that I would be the only person in the area moving. Then on Tuesday afternoon we got a call from the Assistants calling for president. He wanted me down in the office as soon as possible. 

I packed in about four hours and we hopped on a 10 hour bus to Bangkok. We got to the assistants house at about 6 am on wednesday. Transfers starts on Thursday.

Didn't have too much time to give Elder Evans a good solid goodbye before I met my new companion, Elder Curtis, and we began the most hectic three days of my life. I've been assigned as an office Elder! I don't know if you know much about all of this stuff, but it basically means that we do all of the grunt labor for President and the rest of the mission. It also means that my house is on one of the busiest streets in Bangkok. Yes. I'm in Asoke!!!! We spent the first day picking up the new missionaries, helping with trainings, and making the transfers powerpoint.

Ahhhh! So on Tuesday night I tried to sleep on the bus, then we were so busy all Wednesday until around 1 am, and got to sleep before 2. We slept until 5:30, got up, worked out, and started running errands for transfers. Did random errands and business and a little bit of way money contacting until 9. Went to bed at the normal 10:30. Then woke up at 2 to take the dying missionaries to the airport. After which we helped the Elder who is moving to Myanmar get his visa and prepare to leave. We got him to the airport, got lost in Bangkok, then got back at 9.

I'm tired. The office is CRAZY!!! This city is massive!! I went from an area where there are 2 cows that graze outside the apartment window, to the heart of bangkok, where there is NEVER nobody to talk to. Inviting hundreds every day to get baptized again!!!!! YEA!!!

I'm like a kid in a candy store. We have a van that we drive. We ride the sky-rail, the subway, and we drive! Every individual mall here puts the biggest malls in america to shame. Everything is so big and so fast! I'm so happy --

I love the way our mission works. And now I'm right in the middle of it. I get to meet with President Senior often, and work with the assistants. I am also the District Leader... That's scary... 

The mission is preparing to baptize 2000 people by the end of the year. We're getting close but we've just got to keep up the pace, if we get lazy or slack even a tiny bit we won't make it. We have to baptize 38 every week to do it. So excited!!!

And, random fact, now my P-day is on Saturday. Everyone else's is on Monday. We're the only two companionships in the mission with this weird schedule.
We're going to "speak miracles" this transfer! I'm so excited.

A guy went to the church two hours early for his appointment this morning. He has a baptismal date now! It was one of the coolest lessons ever. We taught just so simply and towards needs. I'm pumped to be with Elder Curtis.

Love you all,
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