Sunday, December 7, 2014


It's so hot.

And it's actually the cold season. But I'm literally sweating right now. A similar week to last. Lots of work, but not much results. Well at least in lessons we didn't have any. Well, we had one member lesson. And we got like 10 numbers off the street this week. But we kept exercising our faith and on Saturday night, after an entire day of only visiting members, a member who we visited brought two girls to church. I had Elder Evans teach them, while I figured out the music selection for the next morning. My hopes were that he would come out of the lesson feeling extremely confident, knowing that he could teach investigators without the aid of his trainer. He had some solid members helping him too. 

It worked. He walked out if it with a ton of confidence. Both of those wonderful sisters have baptismal dates and are praying and reading the book of mormon. I'm so proud of him.

This week was also father's day in thailand. So I did a little activity about charity and love that related to my gratitude study from last week. I wrote down memories and thoughts and feelings towards my dad, Warren Osborn. After about ten minutes I thought of all of these things from his perspective. It was eye-opening. And then I compared all of that to that list of all the things I'm grateful for and tried to look at myself from God's perspective. It was also eye-opening. I could feel His love that He has for my 6,999,999 siblings.

Happy thai father's day!!!

This Thursday is transfers meeting. Don't know if anything is going to happen or not yet......

We went golfing last Pday!!!! Dad, you remember how when I hit how it always curves to the right? (I forgot that word... slice?) Yeah, fixed that after 200 balls. Now I hit so straight!!!

Look at what we found at a market!!! Yeah, we are basically in the middle of nowhere. If one of those snakes bites you, you are dead. The lady selling it said they find them in the jungle and beat them with sticks.

And! This cotton candy guy is so cool!!!!

Love you all!
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