Sunday, May 3, 2015


Yesterday Brother Buk got baptized!
Story --
Last week on Friday night we were biking back home. Elder Weaver and I would stop and talk with everyone. After getting one guy's number and setting up an appointment for the next day, we continued inviting. About half an hour later we got a phone call, it was the same guy, calling us to confirm the appointment for the next day.

During one of our lessons he told us that when he went to church the first time he just felt it, "I have faith in these things." How wonderful that going to church can increase someone's faith so quickly!

He made another comment that we thought was really interesting, "I'm starting to think that I have just always been Christian since I was born."

I feel so privileged to have been able to work with such a prepared soul.
Another miracle. Last week while writing that email about expectations one of our district leaders called, giving us a referral of a member in their branch's little brother. We met with him and he loved the Restoration. He would ask us, "So how do I know which religion is correct?" :)

When we explained what baptism was he asked, "So when do I do it?" "You're going to get baptized on Sunday." "Tomorrow?" "No, next Sunday."

He's basically amazing.

We visited him and his wife at their home as well. We're really excited for him!
The mission is going crazy. Everyone is so excited and miracles like this are happening all over the country!
Elder Osborn

 We went and taught the policemen English!

 Went to a Buddhist temple.

Brother Buk's baptism.

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