Monday, May 25, 2015


My time here in Bangkhae so far has rushed by so quickly; except this last week. It went by really slow. But we were able to do a lot of work.

On Monday we went with Brother Charlie to a seaside restaurant. อร่อยมากๆ

He then took us to a field where he showed us his remote control planes. He's so good at it!
We went to teach him during the week and he pulled out two remote control airplanes and said that they were for us! He's giving them as a gift.

"You have been working hard for the Lord for two years and I like the Lord. He whispered in my ear to do this for you. You deserve some kind of prize."

So I'll be coming home with a model airplane! He is too nice!

We went to visit the 9-year-old girl who hasn't been baptized. We taught her and set up an interview. Elder Weaver said we should make sure that she is 9 and not 8. So we called and found out that she is still only 8. Thai people occasionally will round up their age. So when we would say "I am 20" they would say "I am 21". They don't do it all the time so we have to ask for clarification.

So we didn't get to keep teaching her, but she did get baptized yesterday.

Another couple who we were teaching had a date for Sunday but they fell through as well, needing a little more time.

Our other investigator who had a date for this Sunday was forbidden by her father to get baptized. Her mom supports it - and wants to get baptized too - but they both are going to try to figure things out first.

We were sad that we lost all of them so quickly, but one miracle made it all worth it.

One of our investigators, Sister Buu and her son were still on the "I want to study this out more" boat. They came to church with a less-active family that we had been working with. We called her after district meeting and Elder Weaver talked to them. This is the conversation I heard:

"Hi Sister Buu, how are you?
Do you feel like you have faith in Jesus Christ?
Really? Wow that's great.
So is there anything stopping you from getting baptized?
Great! Can we come visit you tomorrow night and prepare you to get baptized this Sunday?
Brother Almond wants to get baptized too?
Great. We'll see you tomorrow."

Sister Buu and her son Almond got baptized yesterday. He is 11 and wants to go serve a mission. She wants him to serve too.

Yesterday there were five baptisms here in Bangkhae. Such a miracle!

Yesterday was district conference, so three branches came together and there were about 300 people there. 3 branches. Elder Weaver and I translated for it.

After the general session Elder Gong held a question and answer about dating and marriage for the single adults. It was really weird translating for that one, because the discussion applied to everyone in the room except me because Elder Weaver is going home this week.

Moves calls should be coming today, so I'll know if I'm moving or staying. After this transfer I'll be the oldest group of missionaries in the mission. That's pretty freaky.

Transfers will be on Thursday so I'll let you all know what happened next week.

Love you all,

Elder Osborn

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